Business Partners bring added value to your membership in ALA

If you’ve been a member of the Association of Legal Administrators or any of its local Chapters for more than five minutes, you might have noticed how much we talk about our Business Partners. They are a huge part of our community, and we cannot imagine being able to offer as many of our member benefits or the added value of the services they provide without our Business Partner program. The resources the BPs bring to us are invaluable, and if you are not already taking of advantage of them, here is a quick rundown of how you can – and why you should!

Great products and service: Our Business Partners are here to build lasting relationships and trust within the legal community. They know we are a tight knit group and word of mouth counts for a lot, so when they partner with us, they are staking their reputations on offering superior products and services.

Specialized knowledge: Our BPs know we crave knowledge, and we especially need to know what we don’t know we need to know. If you need insight on something a little off the beaten path or someone to double check newly discovered information, they are a great resource. Even if you’re not a client of theirs right now, don’t be afraid to ask questions; they know it takes time to build trust and are willing to invest in the relationship. The help they offer now could pay off in the long run when you or someone you know is looking for a particular service, and you choose to recommend the company that has helped you in the past when there was nothing in it for them at the time.

Support for Chapter activities: Did you know the Austin Chapter has only raised member dues once in 10 years? The sponsorship fees brought in through the Business Partner program make up the lion’s share of our annual revenue, allowing us to keep dues low while bringing education events, networking, scholarships, and all the other benefits you expect (and deserve!) from the Association and Chapter.

Networking and community: Business Partners are part of our business and personal communities; getting to know them is an excellent opportunity to meet neighbors, build your support system and make friends. Business Partners often invite members when they host events, providing us with additional opportunities for education on topics meaningful to us and to our firms. Additionally, they help expand our connections into other law firms and areas of business. Austin is a pretty big “small town” when it comes to the business community. You never know who knows whom when you’re looking to connect with others around town.

So, the next time you have a chance to give a friendly greeting to a Business Partner, please do so. You might just find a previously undiscovered way that they can help you. If they leave you a message, return the call, even if it’s just to say that you are not interested right now. Networking with others who run and supply the business of law helps further build community and provides value that helps us excel at our jobs. And isn’t that why you joined ALA in the first place?