Get the Most Out of Your Sponsorship


How to Get the Most Out of Your Business Partner Sponsorship

10- Meet us on social media
We are on Facebook and Twitter and will be adding Instagram soon!
We are happy to link to your website and even your FB and Twitter pages…tagging each other in posts is a win-win for everyone!

9- Promote YOUR sponsorship
We promote your sponsorships in a variety of ways throughout the year, but YOU should promote your sponsorship of Austin ALA thorough your own industry outlets!

8- Share your ventures, projects & initiatives with US!
Community service projects
Industry advancement initiatives
Special projects
Educational events or opportunities

7- Attend our Expo
 This is a great opportunity to meet our members AND tell us about your business.  We always have fun at our Expo. Hope to see you there!

6- Involve us in surveys & market research
Want to know more about what ALA members want and need? ASK THEM! Then SHARE the results!

5- Host luncheons/happy hours
Free food and drinks is an excellent way to lure out the sometimes elusive administrator! The less formal atmosphere is the perfect opportunity for relationship building!
Use the time to educate/motivate/elevate! Share the results of those surveys and market research!

4- Join us for community service
Join US for community service projects. This is a great way to start and/or maintain relationships with ALA members. Plus you’re doing something nice!

3- Send representatives
If we are hosting an open event, send some representatives. Those that are seen have the bigger opportunities to make the connection.
Cold calls are not cold if we have a face to put with a name.

2- Communicate with individuals
Make individual connections!  Ask about those kids, remember the projects they are struggling with. Make actual connections with actual people.

Cultivate the connections, create actual relationships.
Just because someone does not need your services at the moment, doesn’t mean they won’t or that they don’t know someone who does!