Chapter History

The Austin-Central Texas Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators was officially sanctioned in December 1977.  The founding officers were Owen G. Stokes (President) and Bettie B. Winter (Secretary-Treasurer).  Meetings were informal and typically held in one of the member’s office.  By the mid 80s the meetings had moved to the Metropolitan Club  and were led by the chapter president without an outside speaker.  Meetings in the 1990s and 2000s were predominately held at the Headliner’s Club with an outside speaker and attended by 20-30 members.  Committees began to form to increase the efficiency and benefits of the chapter. Presently, monthly meetings are sponsored by local business partners with an outside speaker or presentation designed to enrich our development as professionals.

The reasons for starting a local chapter were many.  Among them were the need for a peer group to discuss staff issues, changes in the law, and best practices, networking, educational opportunities, leadership development, to give and receive support, and the introduction of computers in the workplace.  The chapter was the number one resource for administrators and still is today.

The chapter changed its name to the Austin Chapter in 2008 to better reflect the demographics of its membership and in 2011 the current logo and website were introduced.  The previous logo featured a waving Texas flag and can be seen here.

Today, the chapter is thriving with more than 90 members.  In addition to monthly luncheons, the chapter holds a spring educational program, a summer or fall educational seminar and business partner expo, sponsors chapter retreats, and participates in service projects.

With technology evolving so rapidly and laws changing so frequently, we cannot imagine doing our jobs without the benefits of membership in the Austin Chapter of the Association for Legal Administrators.  How fortunate for each member that the chapter has come so far!